Is Israel safe to travel?

Sure, there is something funny if you know what was going on already in the country (most recently 2012), but that has not stopped me. As a tourist you can also go to Palestine, because if you will. We are just drove through – from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem must be that anyway – and had also been thinking about to go to Ramallah, but then it failed. The people are friendly and helpful (but got me here and there a little aloof ago) and often the people were happy when we said that we are from Germany, total easy Israelis.

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Should I ever go to Israel?

Well, I can understand the question. One or the other certainly doubts on whether it makes sense to support there. The same but you can say of many other countries (India, South Africa, Oman etc come to mind spontaneously) politics with his visit. And yes, under certain circumstances, it may also make sense for you to see the other side of the country to watch – West Bank, Palestine .. – to get a more complete picture of the situation.
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My Israel resumé

What am I supposed to say? The trip was one of the most interesting of my travel career. To see its people, history and current situation at once with my own eyes the country, was often confrontational, but also very impressive. As I sat at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem and the sun for a few minutes enjoying, just a filmmaker has an older locals interviewed on the subject of peace.

3 things you should know every traveler

1. It is better to pack light travels

Earlier, I’ve packed my things. Again, with the aim to take even less than the last time. So it actually runs always from me.

At some point in a few years I’m probably not even with luggage at the airport (where the also times would be an experiment).

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Fact: With less stuff makes traveling more fun. Why and how to do it: See this post.

2. That it is ok , if something goes wrong

Things that can go so wrong: you can be ripped off, be robbed, miss the flight, become diseased.

And you know what? Do not stress yourself. Such things happen to the best Traveller (and me!) And is also not a reason to cancel a trip or completely dissolved to become depressed. I recommend in unforeseen problem situations: sit down, take a deep breath (or best: meditate) with a clear head and looking for a solution. (In case of illness, although that may be slightly more difficult, but again, most things are harmless)

Travel Zen is what I call it too.

3. You do not see anything

To be honest, this time I really want only one location in Nicaragua. When two or three are out of it – even cooler.
What many travelers do not want to understand: to want to see too much, it means traveling too fast to see too little. Quasi “Get in, take a photo, and get out.” Not that I myself was not already so move, but the really deep experience traveling I had not at such moments.

Much more relaxed it is to internalize that you do not have to see everything. Sure, you can, but also the best travel plan may be broken, may be thrown into disarray.

Yes, you may relax and only a fraction of what you actually see in front.